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Okay, you asked me to show you all churches in Labrador, NL. Let’s see what I found.

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Churches in Labrador, NL

Edit Diocese De Labrador ScheffervilleDiocese De Labrador Schefferville

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P.o. Box 545 320 Elizabeth Avenue
Labrador City, NL

Edit Forteau Pentecostal ChurchForteau Pentecostal Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Box 13 Rr#1 Forteau
Labrador, NL

Edit Happy Valley Goose Bay Pastoral ChargeHappy Valley Goose Bay Pastoral Charge

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
105 Hamilton River Rd Box 183
Goose Bay Labrador, NL

Edit Makkovik Moravian ChurchMakkovik Moravian Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P.o. Box 45
Labrador, NL

Edit Our Lady of Perpetual Help ParishOur Lady of Perpetual Help Parish

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P.o. Box 310
Labrador City, NL

Edit Our Lady of the Assumption ParishOur Lady of the Assumption Parish

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
P.o. Box 250
Wabush Labrador, NL

Edit Parish of Battle HarbourParish of Battle Harbour

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Po Box 137
Mary's Harbour, Labrador, NL

Edit Parish of Labrador WestParish of Labrador West

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
600 Hudson Drive
Labrador City, NL

Edit Pentecostal AssemblyPentecostal Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
P O Box 144
Cartwright Labrador, NL

Edit Pentecostal AssemblyPentecostal Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Po Box 483 610 Hudson Dr
Labrador City, NL

Edit Pentecostal AssemblyPentecostal Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
P.o. Box 73, Postville
Labrador, NL

Edit Pentecostal AssemblyPentecostal Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Labrador, NL

Edit Pentecostal AssemblyPentecostal Assembly

Affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
Po Box 250 Stn B
Happy Valley Labrador, NL

Edit R C Mission of SheshatshitR C Mission of Sheshatshit

Affiliated with Roman Catholic Church
Po Box 770 Station B Happy Valley
Labrador, NL

Edit Salvation Army Labrador City-wabush Corps theSalvation Army Labrador City-wabush Corps the

Affiliated with Salvation Army
P.o. Box 369 425 Bartlette Ave
Labrador City, NL

Edit St Andrew S Anglican ChurchSt Andrew S Anglican Church

Affiliated with Anglican Church of Canada
P.o. Box 130
Happy Valley Labrador, NL

Edit St Mark's ChurchSt Mark's Church

Affiliated with Affiliation Unknown
Po Box 9
Churchill Falls Labrador, NL

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Cities in NL

  1. Arnolds Cove, NL
  2. Avondale, NL
  3. Badger, NL
  4. Badger's Quay, NL
  5. Baie Verte, NL
  6. Baie Verte White Baie, NL
  7. Bay De Verde, NL
  8. Bay L'argent, NL
  9. Bay of Islands, NL
  10. Bay Roberts, NL
  11. Baytona, NL
  12. Beachside, NL
  13. Beaumont, NL
  14. Bell Island, NL
  15. Belleoram, NL
  16. Birchy Bay, NL
  17. Birchy Head Bonne Bay, NL
  18. Bird Cove, NL
  19. Bishop's Falls, NL
  20. Blaketown, NL
  21. Bonavista, NL
  22. Bonavista Bay, NL
  23. Botwood, NL
  24. Boxwood, NL
  25. Brent's Cove, NL
  26. Bridgeport, NL
  27. Brighton, NL
  28. Brigus, NL
  29. Brown's Arm, NL
  30. Buchans, NL
  31. Bunyan's Cove, NL
  32. Burgeo, NL
  33. Burin, NL
  34. Burin Bay Arm, NL
  35. Campbellton, NL
  36. Cape St. George, NL
  37. Carbonear, NL
  38. Carmanville, NL
  39. Carter's Cove, NL
  40. Cartwright, NL
  41. Cartwright Labrador, NL
  42. Catalina, NL
  43. Centreville, NL
  44. Chance Cove, NL
  45. Change Islands, NL
  46. Charlottetown, NL
  47. Churchill Falls, NL
  48. Churchill Falls Labrador, NL
  49. Clarenville, NL
  50. Clarke's Beach, NL
  51. Cobb's Arm, NL
  52. Colliers, NL
  53. Comfort Cove, NL
  54. Comfort Cove-newstead, NL
  55. Conception Harbourr, NL
  56. Conche White Bay, NL
  57. Corner Brook, NL
  58. Cornerbrook, NL
  59. Cottles Island, NL
  60. Cottrell's Cove, NL
  61. Cottrells Cove, NL
  62. Cow Head, NL
  63. Cox's Cove, NL
  64. Creston, NL
  65. Cupids, NL
  66. Deadman's Bay, NL
  67. Deer Lake, NL
  68. Dildo, NL
  69. Dover, NL
  70. Doyles, NL
  71. Eastport, NL
  72. Elliston, NL
  73. Embree, NL
  74. Englee, NL
  75. Fairbanks, NL
  76. Feeryland, NL
  77. Flower's Cove, NL
  78. Fogo, NL
  79. Forteau, NL
  80. Fortune, NL
  81. Gambo, NL
  82. Gander, NL
  83. Gander Bay, NL
  84. Garnish Fortune Bay, NL
  85. Glenwood, NL
  86. Glovertown, NL
  87. Goobies, NL
  88. Goose Bay Labrador, NL
  89. Goulds, NL
  90. Grand Bank, NL
  91. Grand Bay East, NL
  92. Grand Falls - Windsor, NL
  93. Grand Falls Windsor, NL
  94. Grand Falls-windsor, NL
  95. Grang Falls - Windsor, NL
  96. Green Bay, NL
  97. Green's Harbour, NL
  98. Griguet, NL
  99. Griquet, NL
  100. Hampden, NL
  101. Hampden White Bay, NL
  102. Hants Harbour, NL
  103. Hants Hr, NL
  104. Happy Valley, NL
  105. Happy Valley Lab, NL
  106. Happy Valley Labrador, NL
  107. Happy Valley-goose Bay, NL
  108. Harbour Breton, NL
  109. Harbour Grace, NL
  110. Hare Bay, NL
  111. Hare Bay Bb, NL
  112. Harry's Harbour, NL
  113. Hawkes Bay, NL
  114. Heart's Content, NL
  115. Hearts Delight, NL
  116. Hermitage, NL
  117. Herring Neck, NL
  118. Hickman's Harbour, NL
  119. Hickman's Hr. Trinity Bay, NL
  120. Hillgrade N D Bay, NL
  121. Hillview, NL
  122. Holyrood, NL
  123. Horwood, NL
  124. Howley, NL
  125. Jackson, NL
  126. Joe Batt's Arm, NL
  127. King's Point, NL
  128. Kings Cove, NL
  129. La Scie, NL
  130. La Scie, White Bay, NL
  131. Labrador, NL
  132. Labrador City, NL
  133. Lascie, NL
  134. Laurenceton, NL
  135. Lethbridge, NL
  136. Lethbridge B Bay, NL
  137. Lewisporte, NL
  138. Little Bay Islands, NL
  139. Little Burnt Bay, NL
  140. Little Heart's Ease, NL
  141. Lourdes, NL
  142. Lower Island Cove, NL
  143. Lushes Bight,green Bay, NL
  144. Main Brook, NL
  145. Makinsons, NL
  146. Manuel's, NL
  147. Manuels, NL
  148. Mary's Harbour, Labrador, NL
  149. Marystown, NL
  150. Middle Arm, NL
  151. Miles Cove Green Bay, NL
  152. Milltown, NL
  153. Ming's Bight, NL
  154. Monkstown, NL
  155. Moreton's Harbour, NL
  156. Mount Moriah, NL
  157. Mount Pearl, NL
  158. Musgrave Harbour, NL
  159. Musgravetown, NL
  160. Narasapuram, NL
  161. New Harbour, NL
  162. Newtown, NL
  163. Nippers Harbour, NL
  164. Norman's Cove T B, NL
  165. Norman's Cove, Trinity Bay, NL
  166. Norris Arm, NL
  167. Norris Arm South, NL
  168. North Harbour Plac. Bay, NL
  169. North River, NL
  170. North West Blook,trinity Bay, NL
  171. North West River, NL
  172. Northern Bay, NL
  173. Nr Main, NL
  174. Old Perlican, NL
  175. Pacquet, NL
  176. Paradise, NL
  177. Pasadena, NL
  178. Peterview, NL
  179. Piccadilly, NL
  180. Pilley's Island, NL
  181. Plum Point, NL
  182. Point Leamington, NL
  183. Point of Bay, NL
  184. Pool's Cove, NL
  185. Pools Cove, NL
  186. Port Anson, NL
  187. Port Au Port, NL
  188. Port Au Port West, NL
  189. Port Aux Basques, NL
  190. Port Aux Choix, NL
  191. Port Blanchard, NL
  192. Port Blandford, NL
  193. Port De Grave, NL
  194. Port Hope Simpson Lab., NL
  195. Port Rexton, NL
  196. Port Sounders, NL
  197. Port-de-grave, NL
  198. Portugal Cove, NL
  199. Portugal Cove-st Phillips, NL
  200. Pouch Cove, NL
  201. Raleigh, NL
  202. Rigoletildo, NL
  203. River of Ponds, NL
  204. Robert's Arm, NL
  205. Roberts Arm, NL
  206. Robinsons, NL
  207. Rocky Harbour, NL
  208. Roddickton, NL
  209. Rose Blanche, NL
  210. Seal Cove, NL
  211. Seal Cove F.bay, NL
  212. Shearstown, NL
  213. Sheppardville, NL
  214. Shipcove, NL
  215. Shoecove G.b., NL
  216. Smiths Harbour Green Bay, NL
  217. Sops Arms, NL
  218. South Brook, NL
  219. South Dildo, NL
  220. Spaniards Bay, NL
  221. Springdale, NL
  222. St. Alban's Bay D'espoir, NL
  223. St. Anthony, NL
  224. St. Fintan's, NL
  225. St. Georges, NL
  226. St. John's, NL
  227. St. Johns, NL
  228. St. Johnston, NL
  229. St. Paul's, NL
  230. St. Phillips Via Portugal Co, NL
  231. St.anthony, NL
  232. St.john's, NL
  233. Stephenville, NL
  234. Stephenville Crossing, NL
  235. Stoneville Nd Bay, NL
  236. Summerford, NL
  237. Summerford N D B, NL
  238. Sunnyside, NL
  239. Sunnyside Trinity Bay, NL
  240. Tilting Fogo Island, NL
  241. Togo Island, NL
  242. Topsail Conception Bay, NL
  243. Trinity Bay, NL
  244. Trinity T. Bay, NL
  245. Triton, NL
  246. Trout River, NL
  247. Twillingale, NL
  248. Twillingate, NL
  249. Upper Gullies, NL
  250. Upper Island Cove, NL
  251. Victoria, NL
  252. Victoria Cove, NL
  253. Wabush Labrador, NL
  254. Wesleyville, NL
  255. West St. Modeste, NL
  256. Whitbourne, NL
  257. Wild Cove, NL
  258. Windsor, NL
  259. Winterton, NL
  260. Woodstock, NL
  261. Woody Point, NL

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