God Reads My E-mail - Cord LaFond

Do you ever get overwhelmed by floods of e-mail from people you don't know? Because of the church directory, and our pretty nice ranking on Google, I get a lot of e-mails from overseas that start something like this:

    "Dear Sirs,
    I am looking for a job opportunity in a Christian Church in Canada."

    Then they will go on to tell me a little bit about who they are and how wonderfully God is using them and can I help them come to the Promised Land where God could use them more effectively.

I get at least 3 or 4 of these every week, sometimes several in a day, along with requests for assistance in finding old baptismal records or connections with churches that moved or died 50 years ago. For a long time, I used to dismiss them all and exile them to the trash folder. After all, I was busy and these things were none of my concern. Then God started reading my e-mail. Turns out He has been reading it all along, but one day as I was clicking my magic little 'x' I heard the still small voice.

    "Wait a minute Cord. That is one of my sheep you are dismissing."

I read it again. It was like so many others . . . really none of my business.

    "Oh really? Exactly what business are you in? This is one of my sheep and he may be half way around the world but you have some experience that he can benefit from. Do you love me? Feed my lamb."

I read it again. Woven between the lines of his story was a situation that I was all too familiar with. I wrote him a note back, shared some insight, and typed a prayer - clicked send instead of delete. He responded with a heartfelt thank you. As it happens, in his remote corner of the world he had no mentor to turn to. He felt all alone. He was trying to do so many tasks that he was failing at most and couldn't see the fruit in the tasks which God had called him to. And he had accumulated some debt. Over several notes back and forth we talked and prayed about blooming where we are planted; about being still and watching for the hand of God; about leaving some things for some others to do.

Some time passed and communication had ceased. Then four months later, I got another note from him. He had started a journal and prayed that God would give him some direction. As soon as he left the choice to God, one of his ministries began to blossom and he focused his time and energy on his translating and publishing ministry. God sent him so much business that he had to hire some help. When all was said and done, his debts were gone and he had raised enough money to go on a 10 day mission trip to a country several thousand miles away.

I don't rapid fire the delete key any more. Every message to my CCD address gets at least opened. I whisper a prayer, sometimes brief, sometimes not so brief. I don't answer every one, but I listen for that still small voice for the occasional prompting to drop a line of encouragement to 'one of the least of these.'

So be careful about how liberal you are with that little 'x' that whisks away unwanted bothersome messages. God has read each one and He just might think that some are important. A few kind words can make a difference in someone's life. What do you have to do with your time that is more important than that?

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