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We want to motivate the church to be more active and more productive online. We are called to go where people are and more and more every day, one of those places is the Internet. There will be articles ranging from:

    • e-mail etiquette
    • having a Christian Blog
    • functioning on FaceBook
    • the potential of a church website
    • webcasting your services

We get a lot of requests for our database. People want to nag you to death. This is why we have hidden the e-mail field from spiders and harvesters. People can still contact you, but mass e-mail though our site is a deliberately cumbersome task. The answer to this is that if people want to get their little plug to the church at large, they can submit it to us. We will sift out the wheat from the chaff and include worthy causes in our newsletter. One e-mail every three months replaces the potential of many others.

It is also our opportunity to say, "Hi - remember us?" once in a while in case there are any changes in your contact info or a new church in your town or in your denomination.

Please forward this newsletter to people on your contact list whom you genuinely think might be interested in the content or in confirming their church's listing. Please DO NOT just sent it to everyone on your e-mail list. See our article in this issue about E-mail Etiquette.

If you received this newsletter indirectly from a friend, we hope you will find it informative and useful. Please take a moment to subscribe and make sure you get every issue as soon as it is published. Your subscription helps us because our advertisers pay according to the size of our list. We are committed to maintaining your privacy and will not share our e-mail list in any form to anyone.

If you have an interesting story of finding God or being used of God online, please let us post it to inspire others.

Is there a topic within the theme of 'being a functional Christian online' that you would like us to address?

Would you like to publish an article (or series of articles) in our newsletter?

Click Here to send your questions, comments, and submissions to us.

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