Lost and Found:
Worship Leaders and Music Ministries Using Social Networking Technologies
David Spencer

Canadian churches are fortunate to have talented enthusiastic creative musicians. Some worship leaders, musicians, choir directors and organists feel that their church congregation does not understand or appreciate their ministry. It seems very few realize the number of hours that are spent each week in preparation for a Sunday morning or evening worship service.

Numerous hours are spent preparing an order of service, arranging music and contacting musicians for rehearsals before each Sunday. They often want the worship experience to be fresh and provide a variety of musical genres that will connect with the congregation. The music and lyrics that are selected must be in line with the message that is being preached by the pastor or priest.

Sheet Music Online

Many Canadian worship leaders are using the web more than ever. If their church has a CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) license, they can download sheet music and chord charts for many contemporary and traditional praise and worship choruses. Musicians are saving photocopy time by downloading the music they need from their home computer before the worship rehearsal. The SongSelect.com portal even has a feature where the musician can change the key signature and play the melody line through an online music player.

Gathering Places

Before the launch of social networking sites, many worship leaders and musicians in Canada connected through GMA Canada (Gospel Music Association Canada) and e-newsletters such as MusicMinistryCanada_Newsletter. Now musicians are gathering on social networks such as ChristianArtists.ca and Facebook.com. Ideas and tips are shared. Participants also feel a sense of community and understanding when they connect with other musicians, see photos and can respond to posts and send e-mail messages.

Professional Learning Resources

Some congregations are fortunate to have musicians in house who are providing children and teens with guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and vocal lessons. These youth are provided opportunities to play and sing and lead a Sunday service once every few months. Some musicians subscribe to print magazines such as Worship Leader Magazine and Worship Musician Magazine. Unite in Worship is a worship leading conference that is hosted in various cities across Canada. The Toronto Mass Choir also holds a training conference each year in Toronto.

In summary, the Internet, social networking and web sites full of music and technology resources are helping to connect Canada's worship leaders, musicians, choir directors and organists.

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