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The Internet is a vast harvest field, perhaps the final mission field for the church to GO! As we go into this parallel digital universe seeking the perishing, it is important to be able to connect them with flesh and blood believers in their analog community. This has been the passion and goal of Canadian Church Directory from its inception.

While we still have a long way to go, we believe that God has called us to the task and that He has helped us set the standard. While other directories exist, most are passive in their approach. If you find them, you can list your church. We have adapted a more active approach. We are systematically seeking listings, city by city, denomination by denomination, any way possible. We list nearly 20,000 churches in Canada, probably 90%+. Unfortunately some of the contact information is incomplete or not current. We are gaining on the situation and we will not stop until we have 100% current and accurate listings of 100% of the churches in Canada. Beyond that is the task to set in place a process to maintain a comprehensive listing.

We believe that our newsletter, The E-pistle, will meet the need of reaching out to the church and prompting them to keep their info current if we can provide content of interest and value which will cause people to want to read it. (Read more about The E-pistle)

Your Privacy

We understand concerns about your privacy. We decided a long time ago that we would never sell the data-base. That oath has been tested on a few occasions and despite the temptation, we have always stood our ground. We have been approached on other occasions by people with legitimate valuable offers for the church at large and it was tempting to bend 'for the common good' but the good has never outweighed the compromise. We decided that a reasonable trade-off would be to publish a newsletter and include their content in the form of an ad or an article. In this way, they have access to the list vicariously without us releasing the actual list into anybody's hands. (Read more about The E-pistle)

We have limited our search responses to 20 listings at a time and e-mail addresses cannot be physically viewed. In this way, legitimate inquiries can be made, but mass harvesting is at least as cumbersome as the Yellow Pages in your phone book.

Listing is FREE

Another commitment we are adamant about is that a basic listing in our directory is absolutely free. We want every Christian Church to be listed. Our plumb line is the Apostle's Creed. If a church can embrace the fundamental tenants in the Creed, we want them in our directory. We are developing a completely optional value added package for churches who want to post more information - times of services, pictures, a pastoral greeting, etc. There will be a nominal fee for this, but a basic listing is Free.

Is Your Church Listed?

Please take a minute to confirm that your church is listed and that the contact information is current. Please encourage other churches in your community or denomination to do the same.

We Need Your Help
I have some extra time. How can I help?

We can always use help collecting data about churches to put in the directory. You can encourage the churches in your community or denomination to check their listings and make sure they're listed accurately and completely. Remember, being listed in the Directory is absolutely free, with no obligation.

If you would like to volunteer to do some data entry, we have nearly 20,000 churches to keep current. Contact us and we will be glad for your help.

I have some extra money. How can I help?

There are costs associated with running Canadian Church Directory, and since 2000 we've been completely volunteer operated. Your donation can help offset costs of hosting, development, and advertising the Directory to help connect people with churches.

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