What's New and What's Next?
    January 2017 - Cord LaFond

This year makes 17 years we have been building the directory, www.churchdirectory.ca . It has been a labour of love, but while we are gaining on our goal, we have some distance to go. We have never monetized the directory because we have tried to not be about chasing filthy lucre.

We have realized that we will never complete the directory on volunteer hours, so we have relented our resolve. We are often approached with sums of money to buy our database but we refuse to bend on that principle. We don’t want to alienate the church by selling her out to stuff-mongers. For this same reason we have made it difficult to mass-harvest your contact information from the directory.

From time to time we get approached by someone who has a genuine offer which is actually something that churches might want to be aware of. We still won’t sell our database. We thought that a reasonable compromise would be a limited number of newsletters with some ad space promoting appropriate products and services to the church at large.

The value of our ads is proportionate to our circulation. Every email counts. We promise not to be a nuisance. Our newsletter will only be published 4 times per year and we will endeavor to make each one ‘worth the read’. Every 3 months we ask you to:

  • 1. Open our Newsletter and browse our headlines to see if any of our content interests you.
  • 2. Have a look to see who is sponsoring us. If an ad is of interest, click on it to see what they have to offer.
  • 3. Check your listing in the directory to see if your contact information is up to date.
  • 4. Whisper a prayer for the directory and the sponsors.
  • 5. Forward and recommend the newsletter to people who might appreciate it.

We are planning some 'Value Added Options' to be launched soon. Some churches have suggested that they would like an opportunity to provide further information - Schedule of Services, In-house Ministries, A Welcome Message, A Photo. This option will bear a modest fee. A basic listing will always be FREE.

We are also designing an in-house pictorial directory for local churches. Once again, this will bear a modest fee, but will also support our commitment to help Pakistan refugees in Bangkok.

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